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I have always loved art

and being creative.


    I have been working with wire for about ten years.  I love

 that each piece is so individual. There are subtle differences in

 even the simplest of designs. Trying to make earrings that

match can be a nightmare!  I often start with an idea in mind

and end up with a totally different piece than I had envisioned.

 I am constantly surprised and pleased by what the wire will do.


I  live in Connecticut with my Husband, Andy, our three dogs, two Chinese Cresteds and a Standard Poodle.  Our two kids are grown and out of the nest but we have three darling grandkids that keep us busy. I have dog grooming business that I run from my home.   I love the artistic aspectto grooming.  It's a bit like sculpture but your subject doesn't sit still. .

I hope you enjoy looking a my work




 Please  e-mail me with any questions

or comments you have




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